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Time for Some Real “Customs Modernization”

Officials of United States Customs & Border Protection (CBP) devote much of their time to talking about the Customs “Mod Act,”…More


CIT Limits Scope of Origin Marking Exceptions for Trademarks

Controversial Ruling Cuts Back on 19 CFR §§134.46. 134.47 Protections

In a perplexing new decision, the United States Court of International Trade has ruled that the relaxed country of origin marking requirements set out in Section 134.47 .….More


United States Court of International Trade

Affirming Countervailing Duty Determination

In Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd. v. United States and Norris Cylinder Company, Court No. 12-204, Slip Op. 15-04 (public version issued February 18, 2015), the court decided a motion for judgment on agency record brought by Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd.’s (“BTIC” or “plaintiff”) challenging the final determination of the United States Department of Commerce (“Commerce” or the “Department”) in High Pressure Steel Cylinders From the People’s Republic of China, 77 Fed. Reg. 26,738 (Dep’t of Commerce May 7, 2012) (final affirmative countervailing duty determination), and accompanying Issues and Decision Memorandum (“Issues & Dec. Mem.”) (collectively, “Final Determination”), and the subsequent countervailing duty order published as High Pressure Steel Cylinders From the People’s Republic of China, 77 Fed. Reg. 37,384 (Dep’t of Commerce June 21, 2012) (countervailing duty order). …More